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About us

VS Land Data performs environmental consulting services. One of our most popular services in this sector is wetland delineation. Our personnel will visit the site and delineate wetlands and/or state open waters. The delineation is based on three parameters, the presence of hydrophytic plants, the presence of hydric soil and the presence of positive wetland hydrology. The final part of the delineation is the placing of flagging or stakes at strategic angle points along the wetland boundary line.

Once the wetlands are marked, we locate the markers with surveying equipment. The data is then taken back to the office, the points are plotted on a map of the property and then connected with lines. The end result is a map of the property showing all wetland areas, state open waters, and upland areas. Because VS Land Data has the capability to both delineate and locate wetland markers only a single site visit is usually required, saving the client time and money. Typically, other consultants do not have this capability: the process requires first one site visit by the environmental staff, and then a follow-up visit by the surveying staff.

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